We invite you to have a rest in Vaišniūnai, Gaveikėnai, Meironys, Pakretuonė, Linkmenas and Almajas (Ginučiai) campsites. Have a rest and fun with family, friends and co-workers. Private company parties are available with pre-reservation.
  • Place for a tent – 3 EUR per day;
  • For one person – 1.2 EUR per day;
  • For car parking in a campsite – 1.5 EUR per day.

1. Vaišniūnai campsite

Coordinates: 55°22’59.4″N 26°04’57.2″E

2. Gaveikėnai campsite

Coordinates: 55°21’15.9″N 26°06’16.3″E

3. Meironiai campsite

Coordinates: 55°20’24.7″N 26°04’12.8″E

4. Pakretuonė campsite

Coordinates: 55°16’27.4″N 26°03’19.3″E

5. Linkmenas campsite

Coordinates: 55°22’23.8″N 25°59’30.2″E

6. Almajas campsite

Coordinates: 55°23’14.1″N 25°59’09.6″E